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TOP 10 best breeds of rabbits for breeding for meat at home

Rabbits of the best meat breeds have repeatedly saved people from hunger and winter frosts. In terms of its qualities, rabbit meat is superior to pork and even beef. No wonder rabbit meat invariably tops the list of healthy, dietary products. Experienced farmers are confident in the profitability of the enterprise, because breeding eared giants does not require huge costs.
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Grapes "Ladies' fingers": variety description and cultivation rules

"Ladies' fingers" is a popular name for the old and very popular among gardeners and consumers of the Husayne White variety. The popularity of the variety is due to excellent taste, visual appeal and productivity. Characteristics of the variety The Lady's fingers grape variety is also known under the names Chilgi Husayn, Bokalny, Shah raisins and Itsaptuk.
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Raspberry "Joan G": the benefits of growing varieties

Raspberry "Joan G", or "Joan J", bred by the famous Scottish breeder Jenning Derek less than ten years ago, so this new variety is not yet very popular among Russian gardeners. The variety was bred specifically for cultivation in home gardening and is suitable for cultivation by small farmers.
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